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Poggio alle Monache

Wine and olive oil from the heart of Tuscany

The Farm

The centuries-old farmhouse looks out over one of the most fascinating settings of Italy: the area near Siena called the ‘Crete Senesi’, in the much-loved and appreciated region of Tuscany. Only 500 meters away is the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, which was founded by Giovanni Tolomei (1272-1348), who was then then renamed Bernardo in honor of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. The exact history of Poggio alle Monache has been lost over the centuries but building of the oldest and largest part of the estate dates back to about 1200.

Originally, the estate of Poggio alle Monache was made up of several farms and was also known as the "Tenuta di Chiusure." It, together with the one called "Tenuta di Siena," belonged to the Monastery of Santa Marta. Our farm represented the beating heart of that era’s economy because of its vast land and production of wine, as well as other foods. The ancient estate was the residence for people who connected to the Church and, over the years, a number of noble and historic families, including the Piccolomini D'Aragona.

Today the farm is managed by Alessandra Giardi who, together with her husband Alessio Magi and their daughter Caterina, devotedly guard and preserve the centuries-old history. Currently the splendid estate comprises one hundred hectares of land, where wine, olive oil, and various crops are produced and where precious truffles can be found.

Our Wines

Our terroir is particularly indicated for viticulture thanks to the microclimate and soil. We are located between the hills of Siena and Val D'Orcia, in the heart of Chianti and renowned Montalcino, home of Brunello. According to the ancient registers of seeds and crops, Poggio alle Monache has been making wine since 1695.

More than 5 hectares of the farm Poggio alle Monache are set aside for the production of wine. All of our vines grow within the DOC of Grance Senesi. Our vineyards produce some of the best-known and savored grapes in the area, beginning with Sangiovese, and including Syrah, Canaiolo, Vermentino, Malvasia, Trebbiano and San Colombano.

From the 2023 harvest, Poggio alle Monache is a certified organic company.

Over the past few years, the family’s hard work has led to the birth of a number of interesting wine labels, some of which are about to be released on the market and which they are very excited about; thanks to enological consultation from the Matura team, comprised of Attilio Pagli and Alberto Antonini, these are bound to be IGT wines that make a mark!

You can already taste our 100% Sangiovese, 100% Syrah and Vermentino, while a sparkling wine and a Canaiolo will soon be ready. Most of our wines are aged in barrique, tonneau and French oak casks, while a small part are aged in cement and steel tanks. Poggio alle Monache has also started an important conversion to organic farming, which will become official in June 2022.

Our Olive Oil

We have been producing extra-virgin olive since the early days of the estate. It is one of our earliest major achievements. We have won awards for the quality, including the silver medal from the R. Comizio Agrario Circondariale di Siena, which dates all the way back to 1886.

Currently, Poggio alle Monache has 3 hectares of land devoted to olive trees, of which there are 1200 exemplars, including old trees and new ones. In 2021 we will plant an additional 600 trees. Some of the cultivars include Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino and Correggiolo. All are grown with dedication and passion, producing a Tuscan IGP extra-virgin olive oil with an intense and authentic flavor. Our products can be found not only on the farm, but also in important restaurants throughout Italy.


A pure Sangiovese of great intensity and refinement, with a deep ruby red color, which, to the sense of smell, reveals notes of wild cherry and violet.

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A 100% Syrah from our vineyards in Chiusure di Asciano, with spontaneous fermentation carried out at controlled temperature, and an approximately 20-day maceration period.

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A blend with Sangiovese (60%) and Syrah (40%), vinified through spontaneous fermentation at controlled temperature, and a 15-day maceration period

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This Canaiolo, in its purity, expresses all the energy of the fruit. It’s a versatile wine, that can be paired either with Tuscan soups or meat dishes.

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A 100% organic Vermentino, vinified with soft pressing of the grapes, cold settling of the must, and fermentation at controlled temperature

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Rosa Briosa

A lively 100% Sangiovese wine, savory, with notes of jasmine, raspberries, and grapefruit. Suitable for appetizers, white meats, and light pasta dishes.

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Our youngest Grappa, hailing from Chianti, is crafted from the vinacce of Sangiovese grapes, resulting in a product with a truly unique aroma.

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Grappa Riserva

Our Grappa of Chianti Classico Riserva aged in tonneaux for 19 months with an intense, elegant aroma, with pleasant spicy notes.

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Grappa di Brunello

Grappa of great intricacy with golden highlights and hints of vanilla, tobacco, wild berries and licorice. Aged 18 months in barrique.

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Gin Grecale

Tuscan London Dry Gin from organic juniper with dry and invigorating taste, delicate spicy hints of cardamom followed by the citrus note of lemon.

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Gin Maestrale

London Dry Tuscan Gin soft on the palate, rounded with flowers and spices with the taste of juniper that comes after hints of orange and liquorice.

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Just a few drops of our IGP extra virgin olive oil are enough to enhance the flavor of your soups, grilled meat and fish, salads, and raw vegetables.

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Olio EVO

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil with pronounced aromatic characteristics, ideal for all uses, both raw and in cooking

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Olio EVO Biologico

Only few drops of this Tuscan oil enhance the taste of a dish. Perfect to accompany all types of soup, grilled meat and fish, salads, raw vegetables.

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Poggio alle Monache Awards

Awards and recognitions received by our wines


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2021 Lanario Toscana IGT



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2021 Cortale Toscana IGT



The Wine Hunter

2021 Chiusure Toscana IGT



The Wine Hunter

2021 Naviglio Toscana IGT


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Our area of the Crete Senesi is rich in truffles thanks to the healthy and pollution-free terroir that make it a perfect habitat for their growth. As a matter of fact, Poggio alle Monache, has 44 hectares of woodland and undergrowth; it’s the ideal place to hunt for truffles, a food that is one of the most exclusive and appreciated products in the world.

The most prized truffles in the Crete Senesi area are the white ones (Tuber Magnatum Pico), but our land is also rich in marzuolo, bianchetto, and scorzone truffles, depending on the season.

Soon we will begin an experiment to see if we can encourage the growth of black truffles in "controlled truffle grounds", natural areas improved with special practices and particular plantings known as "tartufigene," trees that protect the ecosystem while allowing us to continue gathering these precious foods.

The Farmhouse

Our dream is to transform Poggio alle Monache and its approximately 3,000 square meters of small cottages into a desirable touristic location for a truly Tuscan experience. Unquestionably, this area is rich in natural and historical treasures: set in the gullies of the area, just a short distance from places like Montalcino, Siena and the Val d'Orcia, and just 500 meters from the splendid Benedictine Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, this is truly one of the most special and adored places in Europe.

Where we are

The estate of Poggio alle Monache is located in the beautiful countryside of the Crete Senesi, south-east of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany. We are only a few kilometers away from places like Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza, San Quirico d'Orcia, Siena, and Cortona.

This area is particularly suited for the production of extra-virgin olive oil, wine and truffles. Poggio alle Monache currently produces IGT Toscano wines and IGP Toscano extra-virgin olive oil and is well known to be an area where the precious truffles from the Crete Senesi thrive.